Other Interests

In addition to my research work, I’ve worked with several programs within the larger community.

Neuroengineering Community
I was very involved in our nascent Neuroengineering program at the University of Illinois,  participating in the student planning committee for the first Neuroengineering Symposium at the University of Illinois in 2010-2011. Our student committee planned and executed a one-day symposium at the Beckman Institute, including a poster session, invited speakers, laboratory tours, and demonstrations.

I also served as a student coordinator International, Collaborative Experience in Neuroengineering Focal Point grant in 2011-2012. I co-wrote the proposal and served on executive committee with two other students and two faculty. The grant included monthly seminars, a symposium, and web meetings. The goal was to foster new collaborations with neuroengineering communities around the world and encourage students to apply for collaborative research opportunities.

I also co-founded a student interest group, the Neuroengineering Student Association. I was the founding president, from 2011-2015. We organized seminars and social events for neuroengineering students, while helping secure funding for continuing yearly symposia. I then worked with two colleagues to recruit interested undergraduate students and transition organization to being an undergraduate-led group.

In the Champaign-Urbana community, I was an active participant in the Fencing Illini and Point Fencing Club in downtown Champaign. I fence almost exclusively epeé. I’ve also served as an instructor and assistant instructor for the youth fencing class, on again and off again since 2008.