Welcome to the personal website of Erik C. Johnson. I’m an electrical engineer with a strong interest and background in neuroscience. I am currently a Cognitive and Experimental Neuroscientist with the Intelligent Systems Group at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Until September 2017, I was a Research Engineer with a small Champaign, IL startup called Sprite Robotics. Before August 2016, I was a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois, studying with Professor Doug Jones and Dr. Rama Ratnam.

My research interests include brain-machine interfaces, neural information processing, machine learning, and robotics. Successful, interdisciplinary research at the intersection of engineering and neuroscience requires a deep commitment to both disciplines, and I’ve endeavored to build an expertise in both. I’m also very interested in improving engineering education and teaching engineering classes. This site serves to collect some information about me, along with some  additional information about my work.

Here is my CV: cv